We’re All Mad Here…

..But the Best People Are!

Take a peek at our delightful Tea Party for a dear friend who is retiring…
Great Send off, Great Food, Great Book and Great Quotes.


I think this was a great way to spend the day since it is “Always Tea Time.”

“…Sometimes I have believed 6 impossible things before breakfast”


Pretzels are a must!
“EAT ME!!”


And of course you must have a backdrop!
“I can’t go back to yesterday,
I was a different person back then.”

“i’m not crazy…my reality is just different than yours.”

Thankful for friendships, creativity, food, fun, good books and great relationships!

10 thoughts on “We’re All Mad Here…

  1. How wonderful! Everything is just beautiful. You can tell a lot of effort and love went into the food and the decor. Very inspiring! “Alice in Wonderland” has been a book I’ve wanted to blog about, so you have definitely motivated me. Your friends are lucky to have you!


    • You are so kind!! 🙂 It really was fun and so many quotes to use and inspiration. Now is your time to blog about the book. I can only image all the different analogies and insight you can pull from this wonderful children’s book!!!

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