What I love

What’s LOVE  got to do with it?   Everything.


I am amazed God loves me. He looked beyond the path I was on and changed my life at 18 years of age.  I love that!




I love my husband of 26 years.
~we raised and continue to mentor our daughters together
~we do ministry together
~we have fun together
~we seek God for His will together
~we are not perfect but we are perfect for each other

“Thank Heaven for little girls”.  I love my three amazing and uniquely different daughters.

~Hannah, my oldest, graduated from Texas A&M WHOOP! She is teaching overseas, loves to travel, read and desires to know God more daily. 


View from St Peter’s Church in Rome

 ~Olivia, my middle child is my middle child!  She loves all things fun, outdoors and sporty.  She is studying to become a nurse and has a true God-given love for others. 

Watching the Rangers with her dad

Watching the Rangers with her dad

~Claire, the baby loves being the baby.  She has future plans of being a “fightin’ Texas Aggie” and wants to get a degree in event planning and business. She is involved in young life and wants to be a leader at A&M and work with students. 

A day  in the life of Claire

A day in the life of Claire

So thankful for the family we were raised in and the family we have raised!  God is Good.



5 thoughts on “What I love

      • I love looking back at my wedding photos too. They always makes me smile. I’ve only been married for nearly 5 years so long may it continue! Thanks for stopping past my blog and i’m glad your enjoying it too. There are quite a few recipes on yours that I wanna try, the tortilla soup sounds yummy! I like that you’ve detailed what you’ve been reading too. I love reading and devour books at a crazy rate.


  1. Happy you enjoyed my re-post of the ptm.org audio program “Sin Has Been Done Away With!”! You may know that you can go there and learn everything about Plain Truth Ministries! Keep up your good work!!! Lee(apauper2)


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