Don’t Mess with Texas

My travel adventures so far this year have been limited to the great state of Texas.  Not that I am complaining, it is a great state!  It’s just I prefer to see myself traveling through Italy or jetting off to New York to catch a show!

Maybe that will be my life one day, but for now I am sharing with you my Texas travels to the beaches of Port Aransas, BBQ, and some history along the way.


The route from Austin to Port Aransas is filled with history.  Every time we go to the beach we say we are going to stop and read the landmarks and visit the Spanish Missions that are still standing from the fight for Texas Independence.  But we are always in a hurry and say “next time.”  This year, we decided to stop since it was just me and my husband and we were not vetoed by any children!

First stop was the famous Smitty’s BBQ…delicious! We needed some energy for the road trip!  Food before history.IMG_3951[1]

This is the site of the surrender of the Texas troops to Santa Anna in 1836.


The site of the Spanish mission (Presidio La Bahia) with some of the original rock still standing from 1771.   In many places, any structure that is 250 years old is considered “new”…but in Texas it is considered “ancient!”




A little food, a little history and now the beach.  What a great way to relax…enjoying the lovely weather, breakfast outside and this view.  God is good!



18 thoughts on “Don’t Mess with Texas

  1. Brilliant photos. I do fancy seeing some of texas when we eventually visit usa. Only bit of usa we have seen is Newark airport on route to family in canada! Is that Diana gabaldons book dragonfly in amber I see? I love her outlander series of books!

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    • You would love Texas! Wonderful place to see. Austin is full of music, great food and the capital! And YES…that is Diana Gabaldon’s book! I have read them all and enjoy the series on STARZ as well! She is an amazing writer! 🙂

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  2. Great photos of what looks like a very nice trip. And don’t forget Texas has some great inspirations for cooking and food. 🙂 I had a steak in Houston a few years ago that made me weep with joy that God created the cow.

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