Follow your heart


I have a few things I always make during February and sugar cookies are at the top of theIMG_2364[1] list.  So with my heart shape cookie cutter Wilton Metal Heart Cutter
I set out to try a new sugar cookie recipe.  I always, always, always make my moms recipe and it is, of course, the best!  But I found one recipe and it had almond extract added,  so I thought I would give it a try.

As I was making these I realized I had ran out of almond extra vanilla it was!

These cookies were very good and I even ate a couple without icing.  But I think I will stick to my mom’s recipe from now on!  It not only has a wonderful flavor and texture, it brings a heart full of memories with each batch!  Thanks Mom!!  And my hubby thanks you also!


This icing is my Mom’s recipe that my sisters and I still use at Christmas.  Okay, well not just Christmas, anytime the occasion calls for a sugar cookie!  I have added the icing and the sugar cookie recipe on my website so you can try if you like. I hope you had a wonderful
Valentine’s Day!

Wilton Comfort Grip Heart Cutter




6 thoughts on “Follow your heart

  1. these are so cute!!! I made heart-shaped cookies for Valentines too, but doggie ones for my poochie friends! ha ha The human friends got cupcakes this year 😀 (chocolate with strawberry buttercream). It’s funny because I have a few recipes from my mom/grandmother and sometimes I like to try a new version, but I keep coming back to the original. I guess there’s a good reason why you’ve always loved your mom’s sugar cookie recipe! Plus it’s nice because it’s nostalgic for you and makes you think of her and your childhood too, which is an added bonus to the cookie 😀

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