Just what the Doctor ordered

I had all my girls home Memorial Day Weekend.  Sadly, I was recovering from a surprise appendectomy!  That meant instead of lake and burgers, our weekend was spent at home with blankets and Netflix.  Even though I was getting around as slow as molasses, my family took me out one time each day to help in my recovery process.  After all, that is what the doctor ordered!

Here are some of our Austin Adventures.

Outing #1:  Food Trailer Park in South Austin.  It has quite a few options for lunch, but we still chose Torchy’s Tacos. We are creatures of habit when it comes to our tacos, and the queso is one of my favorites.  I think my dog enjoyed the outing as well.




Outing #2…VooDoo Doughnuts off 6th Street in Austin.  This place has some very interesting doughnuts with some very interesting names.  It was hard for us to make a decision.  We opted for a dozen variety box and we all had a little bite of each one.

Strangely, the doughnut called CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN turned out to be the favorite.  You can’t beat Captain Crunch Cereal!  The Fruit Loop was tasty as well. IMG_4138[1]IMG_4135[1]IMG_4159[1]

Outing #3.  Kerby Lane.  A family favorite.   We have enjoyed many Saturday mornings here for breakfast.  On this day I ordered the Carrot Cake Pancakes!  I think it was worth getting out for, don’t you agree??? IMG_4162[1]

Chicken Tortilla Soup

I make Chicken Tortilla Soup often.  I have a wonderful recipe that I have made for many years.  So when my hubby told me that while he does like my soup (and always eats plenty of it), that it wasn’t his favorite.

So I set out to find one he might like better.  I found one that looked appetizing at Cooking Classy.com.   (http://www.cookingclassy.com/)

I have found that anything I try from her cooking website always turns out to be a keeper. So while I will continue to look for other delicious tortilla soup recipes, this one I will make again for my family.  Try it for yourself.  Recipe is under SOUPS on my homepage.  Enjoy!







The Whole Enchilada

My youngest (and pickiest) daughter rarely eats what I prepare for dinner.  I think she would instead prefer a big bowl of cereal. I know I am not a gourmet cook since some days we just have breakfast for dinner.  But there are days that I pour my heart into making a carefully planned out dinner.  When I see on her face she doesn’t want it, I can get a little defensive.  She surprised me this weekend when she saw the homemade enchiladas and instead of leaving me feeling a little deflated, she made my day!

I opened my home for a cooking lesson in homemade beef and cheese enchiladas. My sister’s co-workers spent their Saturday afternoon here learning how to make this wonderful dish from a precious woman named Maxine.  She walked in the door with her bag  full of groceries and began to work.  The rest of the crew instead began to devour the homemade guacamole and salsa along with mimosas and wine.

The recipe was very detailed and I was in charge of writing it all down to be typed up and emailed later to everyone else. It sounds like a simple task, but It was not as easy as it seems, especially with this fun group!  I was tasked with following Maxine (our master chef) around the kitchen with pen and paper among laughter, three stories loudly coming at me at the same time and various questions asked such as where a medium bowl might be, where the measuring cups are kept and do I have a potato masher for the beans?  I kept up pretty well though and hopefully I did not leave out any major instructions!

I am faithful most days to eat healthy, but after the first bite of the avocado I knew there was no use trying to show restraint.  I enjoyed myself fully and had leftovers as well.  This is when my daughter walked in and looked at the leftover enchiladas I pulled from the fridge.  She asked what was in them.  This may be a small step for most, but it was a giant leap for mom! I quickly heated them up before she could change her mind.  And much to my surprise, she actually liked them.  This makes everything worthwhile; the money spent on food, the time spent in the kitchen, the hassles of trying to write a blog when I am not a writer…she put a smile on my face!

So this was a great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday afternoon and now I have made some new friends and have another great Mexican dish to share with my family and possibly a not so picky daughter!