Just a walk in the park…


 I could spend every day in this wonderful place called Central Park.  img_62981


If I can ever get up the courage, I would like to spend one or two days alone in New York.  I would love to go the park each day and read, eat a cupcake, sit and listen to that young girl playing her cello or the old man playing his guitar to “Imagine” and just enjoy my surroundings.

This year I had to wait for my sisters for a few hours, so I did at least get to walk around, img_61611find a great bench and read for a little while alone.  Not to adventurous, but one step at a time!  Not a bad view at all! img_61581

I did find a few cupcakes along the way each day.  I love trying new bakeries as well as returning to my tried and true favorites!

from The Food Hall in the Plaza


10 thoughts on “Just a walk in the park…

      • To be honest not been reading much lately as I did so much for my masters, I can’t even bring myself to read for fun. I did see that Diana Gabaldon has a new outlander book, well its about Jamie and Ian in France, but I didn’t enjoy her last book in the series so have been in two minds whether to buy her new one!

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  1. Definitely missing NYC with your post! I haven’t visited Central Park in a while, and heard that they opened up this once-closed section of the park.

    Happy to hear that you loved hanging out in the park and even got to try a seasonal flavored cupcake :)!

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