It’s Complicated

My two older daughters and I watched It’s Complicated this afternoon.  This movie always draws us to the kitchen.  First we wish our kitchen looked like the one in the movie and second we all wish I could actually cook like the mom in the movie.  And who doesn’t want to own their own cute, little successful bakery that is as inviting as hers?

I don’t have my own shop to run to and whip up any type of food or dessert whenever I want, but I do know how to run to the local HEB and purchase the necessary ingredients to make “Croque Monsieur” for dinner. My oldest daughter told me we needed to either go to the Steeping Room in the Domain or make it ourselves.  We found a recipe that looked tasty and made it at home.

She wanted wine to go with our meal, so she looked up what pairs well with this french sandwich and we chose the white sparkling wine, which we loved. It was far too sweet for my husband, so he opted for a red Cabernet instead.  We all enjoyed the dinner immensely, but sadly it is time to find some healthier recipes. At least we only used one piece of bread!!  I added the recipe if you want to give it a try. We were not sure of the bechemel sauce and only used it on four of the eight sandwiches. We agreed that the sauce is needed… Bon Appetit!


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