Sweet as Sugar

If you are like me, any occasion or celebration brings about the desire to make something sweet.  Below are some pictures of some sweets I have made with my girls this summer.  Some of these were worth keeping the recipe and making again and some were credited to experience in the kitchen!

Strawberry cupcakes….YES.

Sea Salt and Caramel Cupcake…NO.


Peaches on the grill…Yes!

Homemade Cherry Pie and pie crust…Yes!!!

Sweets on Fourth of July….yes!!!

The day was spent with family and friends with plenty of food and dessert to go around. Sadly, while the chocolate cupcakes were good, they were not “the best chocolate cupcakes ever” as the recipe said!!  My mom’s recipe is better than that and I will stick to hers next time!

My hubby made the guacamole and Hannah and I made the veggie salad.  I do love when we are all in the kitchen together. It’s much more fun!!!

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