Plain Vanilla

Vanilla is my signature flavor!  In my family I am the only one who wants white cake and vanilla buttercream icing for their birthday.  I secretly only want vanilla at Amy’s Ice-Cream or Lick Ice-Cream when there is obviously so many unique varieties and flavors to choose from.

Most people crave chocolate.  I crave vanilla. Sometimes I just need a piece of white cake.  The kind that you taste at your friend’s wedding.  I love biting into a moist cake with the strong flavor of vanilla and just the right amount of icing. YUM!

Below is a picture of a white cake with vanilla buttercream icing. I found this recipe on Pinterest.  I had to make it because it said it was “the best white cake recipe” ever!



While this cake was good, it was not quite what I was looking for.  So I will continue to bake-on and let you know when I have found and perfected that one and only “White Cake”!


11 thoughts on “Plain Vanilla

    • While the cake itself was good, it was pretty dense and not quite as moist as I like. And I wanted a little stronger vanilla flavor. Of course I don’t mind going “back to the drawing board” when it involves tweaking a cake and tasting it to make sure it is just right!


  1. I’m a vanilla girl too — it baffles my girls when I choose vanilla ice cream cones instead of double chocolate marshmallow toffee fudge or cookie dough mocha marzipan ripple, like any rational person would 🙂


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