Let’s Celebrate…October is here!

I love the Fall

I love October

I love Chocolate Covered Pretzels


We always have chocolate covered pretzels seasonally at our home.  These are so easy to make and always taste good and look fun!  This is my signature “sweet” at any party!

I also love to bake Pumpkin Bread…in fact we make this so many times over the fall season that I actually get tired of baking and eating  and baking and eating that I vow I am done with pumpkin bread and may find a new favorite fall treat.   But each October I am ready to start baking this delicious bread all over again!

 My oldest daughter just moved to Dallas and she wanted to bake something together before she left.  We found a recipe for pumpkin cookies and homemade cinnamon frosting. While they were very good, we decided they are not as good as our pumpkin bread. I have added both of these  recipes, so give them a try and see which one you like better.

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