The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

I love when it’s cold outside and I am inside with a blanket, a warm drink and a good book! During the month of February, this would be expected.  However, since I live in Texas,  I will settle for warm and sunny outside with a cold glass of pink lemonade.


I read a review online at The Book Review Directory. I saw that  The Good Girl was recommended highly and I was ready for something new to read.  It did take me a couple of chapters to really get into the book, but once I did, I enjoyed it and looked forward to reading each day.

IMG_2649[1]The author, Mary Kubica, tells about a young girl, Mia Dennett. She tells of her life before and after she was kidnapped. She shares various points of view, telling Mia’s story as seen by her mother and her kidnapper. The chapters switch from past and present,  which make for a more interesting read!  I downloaded on my kindle for $7.99.  It was worth the purchase! Let me know if you have read this book and if you have another great recommendation.

  The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

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