Dessert Comes First

One of the goals of this blog was for my girls to learn some basic cooking skills and also have some recipes they can IMG_6663[1]leave home with and make easily for themselves or their families one day.  

I have realized that when they finally have a home of their own…there may not be a gourmet meal on the table each night, or a healthy side of steamed veggies, but one thing is for sure…there will be dessert!

Claire, my youngest, loves to bake cookies. When she is bored, she will bake them.  When we have guests, she will bake them. Whenever I ask, she always says yes. I don’t usually get that response when I tell her we need to make dinner.

I have to admit that her cookie skills have surpassed mine.  They always come out moist on the inside, a little crunchy on the outside and she never burns them, like I tend to do.  They don’t last long around here. One day she may wish she learned more ways to bake chicken or steam veggies…but for now, she is content to be a cookie enthusiast. 

We did at least try one new main dish this month. I found a recipe for Greek Chicken Kebabs with Tzatziki Sauce. The picture of the kebabs looked appetizing, and the weather was so nice outside, which made grilling the perfect choice.  The family loved the chicken and pasta, but did not love the sauce.  I thought it was a perfect pairing with the kebabs.  Try for yourself.  It is a delicious summer recipe!


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