the greatest of these is LOVE

LOVE comes in various forms and shows itself in many ways…


I love that Ronnie makes homemade cards every year for us

I love that my hubby has flowers delivered to my office and again at home because they just didn’t look right


I love making chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries to give to friends


I love that my father-in-law gave each of my girls a rose on Valentines Day


I love that Ronnie  made our dog Nellie a Valentines Day card


I love that my BFF sent a group text telling all of us she loves us

I love that I can send my oldest daughter a care package across the world and it brightens her day

I love my church

I love that I have 3 girls

I love that I have parents who call me on Valentine’s day to say they love me

I love that God loves me

These are a few of the loves in my life

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