Chocolate and Sprinkles

These pretzels are the perfect treat to bring to any party or celebration!  They have that wonderful blend of salty and sweet…and they are so darn cute!


I needed something to take to a wedding shower for a sweet young girl at work.  Her colors are gold and blush.  When I saw these glittery gold sprinkles I knew just what to bring!

These chocolate covered pretzels are so easy and so quick and better yet…inexpensive!  Like I said, they are really the perfect little treat!



Give these a try the next time you host a party, need to bring a snack, or just want to drop off to a friend to make them smile!   While this is so basic, I added the recipe, just to share my tips with you on making these adorable treats!

Any occasion is the right occasions for these pretzels!

15 thoughts on “Chocolate and Sprinkles

  1. The gold sprinkles on the chocolate-covered pretzels look awesome. I often make chocolate-covered pretzels in December to give as small gifts. I’m going to have to try to remember this fantastic idea.

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    • 🙂 Thanks! I was the same way with my pretzels..reserving for Christmas. But now I make for any occasion, fancy or just fun! They are always a hit! Share your photos with me if you make for another occasion!


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